Rattus Republicanus

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Rattus Republicanus

by Ilana Mercer

The defining difference between Democrats and Republicans is this: Republicans live on their political knees. They apologize and expiate for their principles, which are generally not unsound. Democrats, conversely and admirably, stand tall for their core beliefs, as repugnant as these mostly are.

The Left most certainly didn’t rush forward to condemn the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riffraff, as they looted and killed their way across urban America, last year. Instead, Democrats defended the déclassé, criminal arm of their party. “Riots are the language of the unheard,” they preached, parroting MLK.

What of the trammels of despair that drove the Trump protesters of January 6? Trust too many Republicans—goody two-shoes, teacher’s-pet types all—to trip over one another in order to denounce that ragtag of disorganized renegades, the protesters aforementioned, who already have no chance in hell of receiving due process of law.

Consider Nancy Mace. With the speed of a whirling dervish, the Republican representative from South Carolina rushed to make a name for herself posing as a heroic “survivor” of January 6. Following the incident on the Capitol, Mace quickly transformed herself into the young, go-to GOPer on the “hive media,” bad mouthing MAGA folks (to the likes of supercilious Don Lemon, of all people).

Shortly after the incident Democrats are likening to September 11, during a pit-stop on Fox News with the forgiving Martha MacCallum, miss congeniality attempted to redeem herself as a “constitutional conservative.” Oh, and how Ms. Mace had suffered. You don’t know the half of it.

Having joined the Democrats in peddling her “harrowing” experience during the Jan. 6 incident, Mace, a middle-class young woman, proceeded to use lefty language for political leverage to describe her familial situation. For the purpose of self-aggrandizement and drama, Nancy kept calling herself a “single mother.” A single mother is a term the Left, and now the thoroughly co-opted Right, has adopted to glorify unmarried mothers and fatherless “families.” It was meant to excise the father from the picture and undermine the nuclear family.

Mace’s biography mentions that “she is the mom of two children aged 11 and 13,” and a divorced woman (or womin), and thus, by extension, not a “single mother.” So, give it up, please for the man who made the Mace kids. He is her ex-husband, Curtis Jackson, whom Nancy Mace divorced in 2019.

Political pygmy Adam Kinzinger was another young GOPer to rush onto the “enemedia” to announce his hackneyed vision for reclaiming the GOP from the deforming clutches of Trump and MAGA America. Last month, Kinzinger voted to impeach President Trump. He further swelled the chorus by announcing that “the Republican Party had lost its way. If we are to lead again, we need to muster the courage to remember who we are.” So original. So inspirational.

“We need to remember what we believe and why we believe it,” Kinzinger continued. “Looking in the mirror can be hard, but the time has come to choose what kind of party we will be, and what kind of future we’ll fight to bring about.” (CNN) With his Country First initiative, Kinzinger evinces his inability to comprehend that, for him, the “Country” ought to comprise of his constituents, the people he represents. It is the lead of his constituents that Kinzinger is obliged to follow, not his own political métier.

Kinzinger is a spawn of the military. While we’re at it, let us dispatch for once and for all the conservative mythology surrounding the philosophical fabric of the military, these days (in Kinzinger’s case the reserve). Isn’t it obvious that the military is a morass of leftism, statism, feminism, reverse-racism, interventionism, propositionalism, and other poisonous creeds? If nothing else, the Trump years have made it clear that the military brass has aligned with the Left.

As for Nancy Mace’s bona fides: “I have spoken out strongly against the president and my own colleagues,” bragged Ms. Mace smugly. “[W]e have a Constitution as our guide. The vote to certify the Electoral College is in our Constitution,” she said of the political battle that precipitated the January 6 riot. “That was a ceremonial vote to certify all 50 states that were legally certified.” Spoken like a Beltway Babe.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Parler, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook and throttled by Twitter.

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2 Responses to Rattus Republicanus

  1. Stuart Millson says:

    I’ve just been watching the fascinating Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam war – the series having been broadcast again on the freeview PBS America channel. If the media of today want to think about insurrection and political violence in the States, they should study this series…

    As well as an attempt to invade the Pentagon, Washington DC was, in 1971, engulfed in far-Left, anti-Vietnam war violence. The perpetrators came together under the title, The May Day Tribe – their aim, the complete destabilisation of society and government. The documentary commentary described events as “a day of battle in the streets”. It was the largest single day for arrests in US history.

  2. David Ashton says:

    PBS strikes me as a very left-wing wokey channel. I think it is currently running a vilification of Trump (no lack, sadly, of material) and his “insurrection”.

    As for Republican behaviour during the failed “impeachment” of the ex-President, we Brits have been told relatively little of the actual case presented over election fraud, just that it was all fake. I managed to see most of Michael Van Der Veen’s final address, however, and thought he made an effective argument on many points.

    The time-serving dishonesty or ideological vileness of so many top US politicians seems worse than their portrayal in “Advise & Consent” nearly 60 years ago. But then we don’t have much to boast about in Britain, France, Germany, Spain or Italy either. A demographic crisis is likely to follow the pandemic. Quis custodiet?

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