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Catalonia, on the Brink

Catalonia, on the Brink Gerry Dorrian considers the roots of the current crisis Political geography tends to fracture across historical fault lines. In 2015, the University of Oxford’s DNA map of Britain revealed the continuing existence of the millennium-old Landsker … Continue reading

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Burnt by the Sun

Burnt by the Sun Bill Hartley is on planet propaganda Russian cinema brings to mind heroic Soviet era films such as Battleship Potemkin, imbued with socialist realism and designed to get the official seal of approval and inspire the masses. Such … Continue reading

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Selective Amnesia

  Selective Amnesia FRANK ELLIS reviews the latest biography of Hitler Volker Ullrich, Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939 (Adolf Hitler – Biographie. Band 1: Die Jahre des Aufstiegs 1889-1939, S. Fischer Verlag, 2013), translated by Jefferson Chase, The Bodley Head, London, 2016, … Continue reading

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Titanomachia Frank Ellis reviews an updated account of an epic struggle David M. Glantz and Jonathan M. House, When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler, Revised and Expanded edition, University Press of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 2015, Appendices, Index, … Continue reading

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