This page contains PDFs of all of the Quarterly Reviews published between 2007 and 2012. A list of contents appears above each hyperlink

2012 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

The state of France Roman Bernard

The West’s overshadowed borderlands Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

Women’s studies Mike Buchanan

War games Frank Ellis

Down and out in NY – a tale of two cities Mark G. Brennan

The sociobiological roots of religion Matthew A. Roberts

The Right’s rearguard Jonathan M. Paquette

Anatomies of future melancholy Derek Turner

Céline redux Stoddard Martin

The insights of a Victorian prophet Cynthia Gamble

Chiaroscuro – Ruskin, in darkness and in light Leslie Jones

An object lesson in condescension Peter Stark

Orchestral chorography Stuart Millson

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Spring 2012


Editorial Derek Turner

Band of brothers – recovering the English nation Stephen Bush

A Green light to turn Right Allan Pond

Enlightened thought and totaler Krieg Frank Ellis

The Übermensch States of America Stoddard Martin

Insider pleading Mark G. Brennan

Getting to the core of Korea Scott Irving

Liberalism, an evolutionary perspective Leslie Jones

The wreckage of multiculturalism Edward Dutton

Replay: The Devil Rides Out Nick Louras and Lawrence French

Taki’s Universe Taki

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Endnotes: Hans Gál’s Music for Cello Stuart Millson

Rio: Weather Report Peter Stark

Summer 2012


Editorial Derek Turner

Fifty shades of grey – the subtleties of sex Keith Sutherland

Migration and morality Edwin Dyga

The shock of the old (and new) A. R. Kneen

A case for race? David Ashton

Breeding for brilliance Edward Dutton

The white magic of wealth Mark. G. Brennan

The Rock in a hard place Nicholas Jones

Diplomacy by other means Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

The Irish roots of English Toryism Hadrian Wise

Wagner and Verdi compared and contrasted Stoddard Martin

Au revoir to Empire Leslie Jones

“No eunuch ever wrote a book” – the unforgettable Taylor Caldwell

Peter B. Gemma

Replay: Night Mail Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

The execution shed Bill Hartley

A tale of two houses David McVey

Endnotes: The Unknown Enescu Stuart Millson

On an official, arrogant Catherine Savage Brosman

Reading Adam Smith at Halloween Kirby Olson

Autumn 2012

2011 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

Who owns the food chain? Julian Rose

Lukács and Gramsci – curiously conservative radicals Geoffrey Partington

The promised planet Frank Ellis

Libya: a war of the womb Ilana Mercer

The disuniting States of America Mark G. Brennan

Home schooling – an idea whose time has come? S. Jay Porter

The West in history Michael H. Hart

Jerusalem – the heavenly and profane city Peter Stark

Revolution, freeze-framed Leslie Jones

Replay – Ordet Luise Hemmer Pihl

Replay – The Man Who Knew Too Much Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

Second Reading – Hakluyt’s Voyages Derek Turner

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Taki’s Universe Taki

Eggs Catharine Savage Brosman

On the terrace Niels Hav

Spring 2011


Editorial Derek Turner

Pouring oil on bloodied water Keith Sutherland

Eastern promise – why the West needs Mitteleuropa Edwin Dyga

The long road ahead for the Canadian Right Mark Wegierski

Translating Egypt’s revolution Horatio Morpurgo

Hemingway and D’Annunzio Stoddard Martin

From rags to riches – what next for the Western consumer?

Mark G. Brennan

The time of the great death Frank Ellis

The Door Hamish Robinson

Coalition coition Edward Dutton

The sinking of Bismarck Paul Gottfried

Zero degrees of insight Leslie Jones

Walter Scott – the only way is up David McVey

Summer 2011


Editorial Derek Turner

A conservative maverick in the Antipodes – interview with Cory Bernardi

9/11 – the rage, the pride and the disastrous policies Mark G. Brennan

The “Universal Class” and unintended consequences Geoffrey Partington

The Lords Spiritual, Temporal – and invaluable Merlin Sudeley

Immigration – the reserve army of capital Alain de Benoist

Socialist sociology Robert Henderson

The Churchill Memorandum – gift of the Gabb Edward Dutton

Correspondence Ewa M. Thompson, David Ashton, Luise Hemmer Pihl

Taki’s Universe Taki

L’affaire Dreyfus fraternité deferred Leslie Jones

Jean Améry and multiple identities Stoddard Martin

The writes of Stravinsky Stuart Millson

The Symbolist – Jean Moréas’ life and legacy Nick Louras

Replay – Soylent Green Mark Wegierski

Flight Announcement Peter Stark

Autumn 2011


Editorial Derek Turner

The state of the States Peter B. Gemma

Canadian candour on race and culture Robert Henderson

Poles apart Mark Wegierski

The charge of the light brigade Sonya Jay Porter

Now for the tyrants in our heads Horatio Morpurgo

A dictionary for the future Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

The problem with unlimited kindness Patrick Keeney

Downward mobility Edward Dutton

The endless cycle of war Frank Ellis

A. J. P. Taylor: genius or fool? Geoffrey Partington

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Taki’s Universe Taki

Orpheus rising Stoddard Martin

Cult of beauty, blasted Leslie Jones

Second Reading: Jeppe of the Hill Svein Sellenraa

Replay: Excalibur Mark Wegierski

On an erstwhile editor, feminist Catharine Savage Brosman

Famous horse J. K. Murphy

Anger Niels Hav

2010 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

Thinking of England − disintegration or devolution? Robin Tilbrook

Deflating the Celtic nationalists Robert Henderson

The exorbitant cost of illegalising drugs Ezra Mishan

Zombie: a dead Constitution walking Wesley Allen Riddle

Muddled thinking on “Manifest destiny” Mark G. Brennan

Bordering on treason – those who benefit from destroying America

Peter B. Gemma

Towards a two-way Europe Horatio Morpurgo

The fatal contradictions of Marxism Frank Ellis

The Germans in history Paul Gottfried

To the left of Genghis Khan J. Alan Smith

Van Gogh, by himself Leslie Jones

Replay – The Matrix Mark Wegierski

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Taki’s Universe Taki

Snow Clouds Catharine Savage Brosman

The Fools Niels Hav

Spring 2010


Editorial Derek Turner

SA-tire – the tragicomedy of South Africa

C B Liddell interviews Anton Kannemeyer

The true nature of ‘non-violence’ Frank Ellis

“Jesting Jesus” is no joke David Ashton

Fingers to feminism: the rise of 2D:4D Glenn D. Wilson

The Gulag revisited Gary Cartwright

“White Eagle down!” – the Polish plane tragedy in context Mark Wegierski

Minimizing Max Leslie Jones

The fatal contradictions of Marxism: a rejoinder Archie Brown

Making room for gloom Mark G. Brennan

Mussolini and the murderous madame Stoddard Martin

Replay – If… Peter Stark

The relative merits of Marxism Derek Turner

Glockenspiel – the BBC’s unsung innovator Stuart Millson

Australia: the way we swig now R. J. Stove

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Taki’s Universe Taki

Postscriptum Ann Stevenson

Summer 2010


Editorial Derek Turner

Commonsense and conscience in Congress – an interview with Ron Paul

Classical democracy: a model for the modern world? Kenneth Royce Moore

Last post for the Bronze Age in Catalonia Peter Stark

The worst of both worlds – the crisis in American higher education

Ronald J. Granieri

The impossibility of equality Mark G. Brennan

Blair’s very, very long Journey Robert Henderson

Saint and scholars – the Pope’s hopes Stoddard Martin

The death wish in Das Reich Frank Ellis

Brown study Frank Ellis

Sigmund Freud, from myth to counter-myth Leslie Jones

Faith and enquiry in medieval Europe Jonathan M. Paquette

Happy talk Sagy Zwirn

Anglo-Saxon attitudes to women Sonya Jay Porter

Replay – The Bedford Incident Bill Hartley

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Taki’s Universe Taki

The long-haired lorries Niels Hav

Autumn 2010


Editorial Derek Turner

The rise of anti-Western Christianity Matthew A. Roberts

Too many people – the world’s worst enemy Robert Henderson

The lure of false enlightenment Ezra Mishan

The Amazons – source of sex equality? Kenneth Royce Moore

Banking on Germany Frank Ellis

Lost in translation – the legacy of Edmund Burke Paul Gottfried

Anti-commonsense conservatism Edward Dutton

Futurology imperfect Derek Turner

Cross of iron Leslie Jones

The last word in Holocaust scholarship Mark G. Brennan

Ride of the Wagner debunkers Stoddard Martin

Taki’s Universe Taki

Assange is us Ilana Mercer

Conserve with alcohol Bill Hartley

The Mercenary Peter Stark

Northwards J. K. Murphy

Winter 2010

2009 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

Morphology and memory – an interview with Rupert Sheldrake

Muslim captivity and the retreat of Pax Britannica Roger Kershaw

A voting strategy for the European elections J Alan Smith

Globalism 2.0: locating reverse racism Matthew A Roberts

Greek lessons – how the cradle of the West became multicultural

Ioannis Kolovos

One “human family”? Darwin on race Leslie Jones

Movable cultures and Victorian novels: how materialism caused today’s crisis

Claire Charlotte McKechnie

Whatever happened to responsibility? Patrick Keeney

Reading gaol – why so many children are imprisoned by illiteracy Sean Gabb

The epiphany of a bien-pensant Edward Dutton

At the Baron Bill Hartley

Seagulls Peter Stark

Second Reading: Saturday by Ian McEwan Jeff Doorn

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Replay I: Brief Encounter Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

Replay II: Nosferatu Derek Turner

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth

Correspondence Edward Spalton, Gary Woods, Takuan Seiyo

Classic QR: Testing one’s metal John Stewart Huffstot

Spring 2009


Editorial Derek Turner

The not-so-communist Communists an interview with Kazuo Shii

G20: river-gypsies and the art of persuasion Horatio Morpurgo

Muslim captivity and the retreat of Pax Britannica Roger Kershaw

Turkey in Europe – an aspiration too far Paul Weston

Hidden in full view – the racial obsessions of the ‘post-racial’ president

Robert Henderson

Futurism dissected Leslie Jones

The last word on Hitler and Hitlerism? Frank Ellis

Is the party over? Allan Pond

Shuffling off this mortal coil Patrick Keeney

Deconstructing a deconstructed discourse Luise Hemmer Pihl

An Englishman abroad – William Cobbett on America Barbara Biddell

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Untitled Keith Waldrop

Basque weaving Bill Hartley

Second Reading: A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell

Derek Turner

Replay: Babette’s Feast Luise Hemmer Pihl

Taki’s Universe Taki

On Earth as it is John Huffstot

Summer 2009


Editorial Derek Turner

The social injustice of the religious left Edwin Dyga

Debating with “Ditchkins” Horatio Morpurgo

Offshoring and the impoverishment of nations Larry Eubank

Making a meal of the market Mark G Brennan

Gordon Brown’s Brunei bounce Roger Kershaw

Grand designs – changing society through civic engineering David Hamilton

A plague on both their houses J Alan Smith

Thinking about democracy Paul Gottfried

Meetings of minds – encounters with an independent thinker Mircea Platon

It looks so simple from a distance Ann Stevenson

The inevitability of war Frank Ellis

Friedrich Engels – scion of the bourgeoisie Leslie Jones

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Second Reading: Austerlitz by W G Sebald Peter Stark

Replay: The Small Back Room (1949) Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

Taki’s Universe Taki

Classic QRJohn Wilson Croker on Tennyson’s Poems

Autumn 2009


Editorial Derek Turner

Life after Lisbon – what next for Britain? Robert Henderson

Mercy for Megrahi – brave-heartedly towards Scottish independence?

Roger Kershaw

Image manipulation and utopianism – Sparta’s legacies to modern Europe

Kenneth Royce Moore

The geography of intelligence Richard Lynn

The sorry state of American conservatism Mark G Brennan

The end of the affair? – Japan’s disenchantment with the West C B Liddell

Making a hell out of Hellas Demetris Demopoulos

Cousins-german – England and Germany before the Great War Frank Ellis

Oysters Ann Stevenson

A doomed deal – the Jew who tried to negotiate with the Nazis
Stoddard Martin

Till unsuitability us do part Steve Moxon

Minority report on Lincoln, race and slavery Leslie Jones

Uncollected Folk Roy Kerridge

Second Reading: Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith

Derek Turner

Winter light Catharine Savage Brooms

Winter 2009

2008 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

A visionary reactionary – interview with Tito Perdue

The future of England’s cities: identity and politics John Courthorpe

The adventure of the disappeared subprime minority borrower Takuan Seiyo

Kosovo – EU-sponsored ethnic cleansing Edward Spalton

To gunners, guardsmen and riflemen Frank Ellis

Phonics: our stolen educational birthright Alice Coleman

Keeping an eye on the paranoid Helen Lewis

Everyday economic power to help local causes and local democracy
Margrit Kennedy

Corporate virility and townscape degradation Bill Hartley

The fields beneath – the last of Middlesex Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

Opera wars – politics by proxy Michael Keith Smith

Lee Pefley – sociopath and sage Derek Turner

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth

Replay: Blade Runner Mark Wegierski


Spring 2008


Editorial Derek Turner

The European Union: an obsolete model for the 21st century Sir Richard Body

Riding to the rescue of the embattled Polish countryside Sir Julian Rose

Mars and Venus – worlds in complementary opposition Michael Levin

Cameras, corporations and censorship – England’s public-private tomorrow

Nigel Hastilow

Immigration and the future of Britain’s cities – four scenarios John Courthorpe

The meanings of fitnah – Wilders’ wake-up call Roger Kershaw

Triumph of the unprincipled – our arrogant and ignorant political class

Keith Sutherland

The endangered essence of Englishness Angela Ellis-Jones

Villain or hero? – Joseph R. McCarthy’s controversial career Dwight Murphey

In praise of distance Johanna Rhiannon Johnson

Garibaldi – soldier of liberty? Leslie Jones

Replay: Apocalypse Now Derek Turner

Fourth World John Papworth


Summer 2008


Editorial Derek Turner

The credit crunch – the logical conclusion of free market thinking

Robert Henderson

Sums that won’t add up – the true costs of mass immigration Ezra Mishan

Waking the dragon – how the West should handle China Sinologist

Utopian evolutionism Leslie Jones

Political over-correctness and psychology Manuel Geggus

Friedrich Nietzsche on elitism Hadrian Wise

On being an atheist conservative Jillian Becker

A thoroughly modern military – a general’s knowledge Frank Ellis

Incredible ‘freaks’ – how Victorian science and culture shaped each other

Claire Charlotte McKechnie

Vaughan Williams – the progressive Em Marshall

Kalamitsi Hamish Robinson

Replay I: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid William Hartley

Replay II: The Seventh Seal Derek Turner

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth


Autumn 2008


Editorial Derek Turner

The glorified globamadrama: act one, fake one? Helen Lewis

The wages of globalism Robert Henderson

The Governator and the wisdom of clouds Keith Sutherland

Beyond memory’s reach – the particularities of English radicalism Allan Pond

William Cobbett: dimensions of patriotism John Stevenson

History on a continuous loop Frank Ellis

Clueless in Lagos Takuan Seiyo

Untitled Rainer Maria Rilke

There’s no place like Rome Edward Dutton

Edouard Drumont – a psycho-biography Leslie Jones

Extraordinary popular delusions for the modern age Robert Henderson

The common pursuit of true judgement Hadrian Wise

Replay I: The Wicker Man Derek Turner

Replay II: A Canterbury Tale Stuart Millson

Fourth World John Papworth

Taki’s Universe Taki

Correspondence Sir Teddy Taylor, Raymond Moss

Winter 2008

2007 issues


Editorial Derek Turner

The Wolfe, the buffalo, and our lost ability to make distinctions Takuan Seiyo

Fourth World John Papworth

Taki’s Universe Taki

Economics – Time for root and branch reform Peter Challen

Coming to terms with the end of oil Richard Heinberg

Britain and the EU – is it time for an amicable divorce?

Brian Burkitt, Mark Baimbridge and Philip Whyman

The middle class’s moral miasma Alexander Deane

Prophets of Doomsday: Why the Greens have failed Aidan Rankin

Classic QR: Endymion John Wilson Croker

Spring 2007


Editorial Derek Turner

Wilberforce’s moral lessons for our times Rt. Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams

The Atlantic slave trade in perspective Ezra Mishan

HMS Gloucester: Present (2006) and Past (1941) Frank Ellis

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth

‘Free’ markets and ́free’ trade – the death of nations Robert Henderson

The Asianization of Adam Smith James Hahn

Marx – a comprehensive refutation at last Joseph Keckeissen

Humanity at war with reality Hadrian Wise

Coffee with Rosa Takuan Seiyo

We give them our inches and they take our miles Warwick Cairns

Of sage and time: Carlyle revisited Leslie Jones

Classic QR: Lord Salisbury Angela Ellis-Jones

Summer 2007


Editorial Derek Turner

Apostle of catastrophe An interview with Kirkpatrick Sale

The road to Damascus – how President Bush could have helped to make peace in the Middle East George Ajjan

The road from Damascus – why there should be no appeasement of Syria Jillian Becker

The philosopher’s stone – John Ruskin on education Anthony O’Hear

The wrongs of ‘rights’ Matthew A Roberts

Kapital as kapalit Takuan Seiyo

Orpheus descending – in defence of classical music Em Marshall

Enigma Variations – the English legacy of Edward Elgar Stuart Millson

When the giants take over – a case study Luise Hemmer Pihl

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth



Rendering unto Caesar – classical liberalism and Catholicism

Oskari Juurikkala

The last leopard – change and permanence in a haunted landscape

Derek Turner

Matthew Flinders – explorer and empire-builder Robin Brodhurst

Classic QR John Wilson Croker on Frankenstein

Autumn 2007


Editorial Derek Turner

Lost in the fog – how our freedoms are being eroded by law Celia Hampton

The future of England’s cities: diversity and cohesion John Courthorpe

Exploring Northern Rock – the stone that must not be left unturned James Robertson

Nature and nurture in mental illness Robert Plomin

A war like no other – but with lessons for today Frank Ellis

Putting Humpty together again – the trouble with ‘fraternity’ Robert Henderson

“Look at those idiots go” – the decline and fall of American conservatism

Mark Brennan

The politics of postwar education Leah Curtis

Taki’s Universe Taki

Fourth World John Papworth

Robert Southey – patriot or apostate? Leslie Jones

Froude today – a thinker for all seasons John Coleman

Reverdie Hamish Robinson

American classic – to the mysterious mountain Stuart Millson

Replay: Les Visiteurs Derek Turner


Classic QR John Wilson Croker on Lady Morgan’s Italy

Winter 2007

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