A Behemoth in the Bedroom?

Prince Andrew and Princess Eugenie

A Behemoth in the Bedroom?

David Ashton does sex, lies and videotape

The controversy over “randy” Prince Andrew, reputedly the Queen’s favourite son, and “pervy” financier Jeffrey Epstein [1], might be clarified in more detail by interviewing their long-term “sassy” mutual acquaintance Ghislaine Maxwell [2], reputedly the favourite child of “dodgy” tycoon Robert Maxwell. An international espionage asset, the “Bouncing Czech” was larger than life – and also in death, when senior dignitaries in Jerusalem eulogised his colossal – if partly undisclosed – services [3].

Mr Epstein was accused of recording sexual acts by politicians and celebrities among his guests, possibly for subsequent entertainment and/or profitable “compromise” [4]. Ms Maxwell is “also under investigation for allegedly procuring girls for Epstein [but] denies all wrongdoing” [5]. At this time of writing, her whereabouts are unknown, although it is claimed that she is planning a televised rebuttal with a US network [6].

A further question is whether any intelligence agency would have an interest in such events, or even some involvement. Surveillance of important friends and foes by security services is hardly unknown, Russian “honeypot entrapments” being especially notorious [7].

Speculation has focused on Mossad, an organisation which operates overseas not just to protect Israel but also advance what are regarded as “Jewish interests” in general [8]. It is said to recruit sex-workers as “swallows” rather than employ its own valued female katsas; an activity that gained religious sanction [9]. Given its physical assassination of public enemies considered dangerous [10] it might be deemed equally acceptable privately to threaten character assassination of certain influential persons, for vital political leverage.

Both “left” and “right” writers have floated a “spy-camera connection”, with some plausibility [11].Various “links” in their long chains of “evidence”, including the reliability of defectors like Ben Menashe, the alleged roles of business-men such as Leslie Wexner or David Rowland, or the relevance of PROMIS and Carbyne911 technology, may seem shaky. The “far right” even managed to drag the Twin-Towers honcho Larry Silverstein into the saga [12]. Nevertheless, serious questions are not actually prohibited by the extensive IHRA redefinitions of “antisemitism”, nor deterred by the label “racist” applied to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, accused of threatening a vulnerable minority.

The stumbling-block with an overall Mossad organisation hypothesis is that Israeli technology is typified by efficiency and precision [13]. However, some sort of “conspiracy theory” is no more likely to sink without trace than the progenitor “Cap’n Bob” himself [14].

Maligning the Monarchy may be less troublesome for journalist’s careers than mentioning Mossad. The worst “offender” at sniping at royal family members, from the Prince of Wales to the Duke of York, is the so-called “right-wing” Daily Mail [15]. Tinseltown’s tart-magnet Harvey Weinstein [16], photographed at Windsor Castle with his friends Jerry and Ghislaine, can only whet media appetite for scandal. After all, it was Israeli ex-Premier Ehud Barak, whose name also came up during the Epstein frenzy [17], who reportedly introduced the movie mogul to “sexual history” detectives trained by – Mossad [18].

Babes, bigshots, bugging and blackmail?  Two mysterious deaths, and their missing link?  Cherchez la femme meanwhile, and leave no stone unturned.


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David Ashton is a frequent contributor to QR

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8 Responses to A Behemoth in the Bedroom?

  1. Tab says:

    Ball and Charles? And the links go on.

    • David Ashton says:


      There are various speculations out there regarding “links” between paedophilia and prominent people; see e.g. David “Lizards from Lemuria” Icke about this, online.

      What can be seriously supposed from “Ball and Charles” – that the Heir to the Throne abused or injured little boys?

      Curious details were indeed thrown up during the recent Carl “Nick” Beech storm, e.g.: (1) that the Elm House “guest list” also included Colin “British Nazi” Jordan; and (2) Baron “Holocaust Education” Janner (still under separate suspicion) had previously a fierce row in the House of Lords with Field Marshal Baron Bramall KG, GCB, OBE, MC, JP & DL, and had earlier been a political opponent of Harvey Procter, over immigration.

  2. David Ashton says:

    The FBI reportedly want HRH The Duke of York in for questioning (28 January 2020). What about Ms Maxwell, surely the priority interviewee. Do they know where she is? Is she with them? What is going on? I understand that PayPal has dropped a Christian website that hinted that Mossad might have been running a honeytrap – who could possibly suggest or even entertain such a thought?

  3. David ASHTON says:

    Alan Dershowitz has some interesting comments on Prince Andrew’s accuser on the January 2022 Gatestone Institute website.

  4. Jimmy Williams says:

    For the record, the Community Security Trust spokesman has condemned as another antisemitic conspiracy trope the assertion that Mossad was involved in a potential blackmail operation involving important people to gain political leverage in the interest of Israel. Given that prominent supporters of Israel are among those accused of sex with teenagers he may well be correct.

    What is noticeable is the routine response that “classic stereotypes” reappear, when there is no explanation of the nature of such familiar themes; for example, accusations in the “financial” sphere echoed by commentators as erudite as Voltaire, Proudhon, Sombart and Hobson. Franco-Russian fakery of the Protocols at the end of the 19th century does not rule out possible influence of Anglo-American lobbying by Zionists at the start of the 21st. However, Gentile politicians have been just as bad as Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu, and plenty of goyim every bit as bad as Epstein and Weinstein.

  5. David ASHTON says:

    A PS update from an abridged version of a report by Anshel Pfeffer, Sunday Times, 24 April 2022:
    “Officials at No 10 & the FO had their smartphones ‘infected’ with Pegasus, a powerful Israeli developed cybertool. It gives spies access to data & turns the camera and microphone into a watching and listening advice. Macron, Bezos, US govt officials, Jamal Khashoggi have been targets. It is marketed as a key tool in fighting terrorists and organised crime.
    “NSO near Tel Aviv, operating under Israel law is majority-owned by a London-based private equity fund with Cherie Blair on its ethics commitee, develops surveillance software used by Israeli intelligence & its ties to Israel’s government are the secret of its success. The list of clients looks like a map of Israel’s foreign policy interests. It includes countries which relinquished pro-Palestinian voting at the UN. Pegasus has helped Israel build an anti-Iran coalition & the British government has become its closest ally in the region. Netenyahu authorised the sale to the Saudis. In November the US put the company on a trade blacklist. A promised Israeli government inquiry has failed to get off the ground.
    “‘NSO knows too many secrets of too many governments,’ said one Israel government official.”

  6. Ted Manning says:

    This item from “The Jewish Chronicle”, 23 March 2024, is interesting as more bombs rain down on Gaza: “Jeremy Corbyn MP, Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, told the JC: ‘I am very sorry for the rampant Jew-hate that can be seen week in and week out at marches partly organised by the PSC… Corbyn also apologised for the antisemitism that was rife in the Labour party under his tenure, ‘I have certainly learned my lesson’….he planned a visit to Israel this year to show solidarity with the Jewish state….the PSC will be handing out free hamantaschen…’slogans…will be replaced by….’Am Ysrael Chai’….I am now a Zionist,’ he said, waving an Israeli flag. ‘Happy Purim’.”
    Comment unnecessary.

  7. David ASHTON says:

    This JC interview is obviously as mythical as the Book of Esther that led to Purim.
    An April Fool joke a week too soon!

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