When Bloodbath becomes Bacchanalia

Candace Owens, credit Wikipedia

When Bloodbath becomes Bacchanalia

by Ilana Mercer

In an era where everything is captured on camera, the cold-blooded murder of Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez is particularly chilling. The occasion was the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Chicago, Saturday last. The location: West Division Street on the Northwest Side, at Humboldt Park. South Africa style—and for no good reason—a bunch of “fellas,” as Colin Flaherty is wont to say, leapt out of their vehicle, surrounded a stationary car, pulled a young couple out of it and shot each in the head, while hopping about and gesticulating in feral glee.  Watch:


There was no detonating rage or purpose to the act—only heightened arousal. The scene had the ritualistic quality of a voodoo ceremony, minus the wide-eyed ululation. Running commentary offered by the videographer had the same flat affect: folks, this is good fun, but hey, stay cool. Chill.

“I don’t think this crime will be ‘disappeared’ so easily,” tweeted one “Musil Protege.” “It may be worth watching Tucker tonight. He has developed a relationship with Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez,” posited “Musil.” The alderman is “a reasonable law-and-order Democrat, who has become something of a thorn in the side of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.”

Shortly after the Tucker Carlson witching hour (Tucker is magic), “Musil” was back on Twitter feeling thoroughly dejected. “My mistake,” came the next tweet. “Tucker Carlson turned to his go-to expert on everything, Candace Owens. Mea culpa.”

Twitter’s “Musil” is right about Tucker’s disappointing tack. The Fox News superstar had intimated that nobody rendered a more lucid explanation for the orgies of black crime on display than the oracular Miss Owens. In essence—and without fail—Candace contends that the Democrats made them do the deed. The Democrats are the provenance of all the ills of society.

For his part, Tucker was really lacquering Candace’s “The Democrats Made Them Rut And Riot” theory of crime with praise. This was “the crispest summation of a very complex issue,” he ruled, as he conceded the exact opposite: crime is a feature of human nature (and not a divination of the Democratic Party).

Owens, who was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to address the “terrifying rise is violent crime and crime rates,” had rattled off something about, “The Democrats using black people and racism as pawns to distract people from what’s going on,” namely a government power grab. And, “Everything bad is coming from the United States government being controlled by Democrats.”

When Ms. Owens says she’ll “spell it out for us plainly,” we must listen (my tongue here is firmly in my cheek). After all, when she and Charlie Kirk spoke for Brexit in London, circa 2018, they dubbed their visit “the most important American philosophical arrival to [sic] Europe since Thomas Jefferson arrived in Paris.” That was Charlie Kirk, not Russell Kirk.

June 19 saw a shooting go down in Oakland, California, in which one individual was killed and 6 injured, north of the Lake Merritt Amphitheater. The large rave was to revel in the newly minted Juneteenth “holiday.” The bloodbath soon turned into a bacchanalia. This is the way people expressed how hot murder made them. Watch:


By Candace Owens’ consistent line of argument on Mr. Carlson’s TV slot, the Democrats made some black residents of Oakland CA simulate coitus and engage in an orgiastic celebration of murder and mayhem around the vans of the emergency medical technicians.

What’s remarkable—and so alien—about these killing fields across our country is the sexual component; the debauchery and revelry that accompany the violence. Violence appears to be sexually titillating to some lower-order reptilian brains (with apologies to reptiles).

As a handgun pumps slugs into the prone victims aforementioned in this column’s lead; pants are pulled down, and lower extremities are thrusting like those of a dog in-heat. (Apologies are extended to the canine community, too, for the unfortunate comparison.)


In all, “the Democrats made them riot and rut” argument doesn’t fly, and it’s pretty bad moral reductionism.


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