Letter to the Editor, 2nd December 2022


Letter to the Editor, 2nd December 2022


It was reported recently that the Queen Consort (Camilla) intends to dispense with ladies in waiting. Presumably this is part of the project to create a thoroughly modern monarchy – slimmed down, non-racist, forward looking.

The much publicised contretemps (or storm in a tea cup), featuring lady in waiting Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani, was therefore timely. Or was it fabricated? Our supine, sycophantic media, as ever, remain silent.

Yours sincerely, Ritortus


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5 Responses to Letter to the Editor, 2nd December 2022

  1. David Ashton says:

    Ngozi Fulani is a Nigerian name adopted by a Black activist whose family came from Barbados, who dresses in an African style, has taught African dance, who has repeatedly cultural identified with Africa instead of Britain, and who subsequently turned a friendly and puzzled enquiry into a racist “violation”, along with a continued obsessive and excessive propaganda against the “racism” of the Monarchy and its native White subjects.
    There is a useful summary of comments by Gregory Hood on the so-called “far right” website “American Renaissance”, but he has been joined even by erstwhile critics of the royal family including Mike Hume in spotting the wokeness and dishonesty of this late scam of our national enemies.

    • Brian Rockford says:

      Ngozi’s “story” has been “confirmed” by a close bystander. Guess who? Mandu Reid, a mixed-race bisexual who had an abortion when a single mother as having a baby would interfere with her career, whose apogee is now leadership of the “Women’s Equality Party”. A careful cyber search will confirm these facts.
      Comment is superfluous (though not yet illegal).

  2. David Ashton says:

    And now for Meghan and Harry, Weepy & Creepy (already worth $120 million), in their lockstep bid for an away-with-the-fairies coronation as the royal rulers of Tinseltown Trash.

  3. Stuart Millson says:

    So disappointed that ‘the Sussexes’, in Britain’s covid and cost-of-living hour of need, deserted our shores for LA swimming pools, tabloid TV and excruciating self-indulgence.

    Millions of people in Britain do their best to make ends meet, take the rough with the smooth, and do their duty. They are taken for granted by successive governments and our appalling, rip-off ‘utilities’ and fuel providers. The loyal hearts, waiting in bus-stop and NHS queues, look to their monarchy for sympathy and stability ~ and some sign that our country is not entirely a tottering mess. HM The King provides us with huge reassurance that not all is lost, but what a pity that some care only for themselves and set such a dismal example.

    However, it does seem that the tide of opinion is at last turning against Harryism and the machinations of Megaphoney.

  4. David Ashton says:

    Lady Hussey seems to have been rehabilitated.

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