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Prednisone for skin allergy

The English Civil War, part 2 By Mark Wegierski All the aforementioned religious, dynastic, political, social, economic and ethnic tensions flared into armed conflict in the English Civil War. The term “English” is, however, misleading: although the primary focus of … Prednisone for skin allergy

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The English Civil War

 The English Civil War by Mark Wegierski PART ONE The English Civil War of 1642-1648 and its aftermath, the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688, constitutes one of the defining experiences of the cultural identity that can be termed Anglo-Americanism. The … Continue reading

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Right royal retribution

Right royal retribution The King’s Revenge: Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History Don Jordan and Michael Walsh, London: Abacus Books, 2013, 383pp, pb. EDWARD DUTTON finds he is hooked on an obscure but fascinating chapter in English … Continue reading

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