New Poetry from Australia

Peter Purves Smith - The Diplomats

Peter Purves Smith – The Diplomats


on behalf of the
eccentrics, court jesters and poets
may I say
if everyone was like us
there may be chaos
but if no-one was like us
would dull uniformity win?

      Old Age

winds blow colder
and wounds heal more slowly
but love and humor
may broaden and deepen


who can explain life?
don’t try too hard
logic should be
a servant of love

    Dreams of a poet

will the storms clear
and the warblers sing?
can the love of wisdom
bring the wisdom of love?

   A few contrasts

the incredible human mind
and pedestrian powers of computers
marvellous old music
and repetitive pop songs
sometimes grand statements
and messy reality
enjoying the search for wisdom
and the delusion of dogma

Poet BOB COWLEY is a retired public servant. He lives in Adelaide, Australia

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