Letter to the Editor, June 2020

Letter to the Editor, June 2020


The demographic profile of the American protestors is indicative. Predominantly late teens and millennials. Multi-ethnic, mainly urban, well-educated, with affluent backgrounds. Pre-destined for professional careers, present circumstances notwithstanding.

Professor Glayde Whitney once told me that American school children are subjected to relentless brainwashing about the putative benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism. The upshot is that in the absence of countervailing influences, they are rabidly anti-Trump. They doubtless voted for “crooked” Hillary. They support safe spaces, no platform for “fascists” and the “de-colonising” of the curriculum i.e. censorship. And, like the Isis iconoclasts, they advocate the destruction or removal of politically incorrect statuary.

Meanwhile, the 62 million Americans in “fly over country” who elected Donald Trump have almost no voice in the fake news, main-stream media. And here in the UK, public school educated commentators such as Jon Snow and Emily Maitlis (married to an investment manager), virtue signal about black oppression from the safety of gated communities. They encourage British Blacks to emulate their enraged American counterparts.

Prediction and conclusion; the “Donald” to be re-elected with an increased majority. The liberal-left are now the stupid party. Once again, they are playing into Trump’s hands. He will swallow Zombie candidate Joe Biden whole. And, all in all, “The justice of it pleases”.

From Saturn, aka Alligator Mississippiensis

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  1. David Ashton says:

    “There are terrible numbers of abnormal people of every description…. From this degenerate crop comes the revolutionary proletariat, with its hatred born of grievances, and the drawing-room Bolshevism of the aesthetes and literary folk, who enjoy and advertise the attractiveness of such states of mind….
    “How far in fact have the white nations [become] human insects feigning death in the face of danger, the ‘happy ending’ of an empty existence, the boredom of which has brought in jazz music and Negro dancing to perform the Dead March for a great Culture….
    “What if, one day, class war and race war joined forces to make an end of the white world?… And would the white leaders of the class war ever hesitate if coloured outbreaks opened up a way for them? They have never been fastidious in the means they use. It would make no difference if the voice of Moscow ceased to dictate…. Would it be anything to wonder if at last colour were to act on its own account?”
    – Oswald Spengler, July 1933.

  2. David Ashton says:

    PS – Si monumentum requiris, circumspice. “Black youth tries to burn the Union Jack on the Cenotaph while the police stand around” (news on film).

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