John Cleese on the fawlts of immigration

John Cleese on the fawlts of immigration

Former Monty Python and Fawtly Towers star John Cleese has given an interesting interview in  Australia, about the changes wrought in London in recent decades by massive and unrequested  immigration. See here:

Note the miss-the-point, defensively frightened responses from the Boris Johnson camp and (of course!) from Ken Livingstone.

Such comments from someone like him are a major boost to the immigration restriction lobby. He joins a growing list of celebrities, from Eric Clapton to Roger Daltrey, who have made very similar comments. It is interesting that there have not been (yet, anyway) what were once the inevitable  accusations of racism from the Perpetually Outraged. Mass immigration has ever fewer defenders, and ever less legitimacy.

Derek Turner, 2 September 2011

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