Automatic for the People

2nd Amendment Rally, Jan 20th 2020, Richmond, Virginia, credit Wikipedia

Automatic for the People

by Ilana Mercer

When Uncle Sam threatens some blighted and benighted region of the world—ostensibly on behalf of the American People and for their own good—our representatives call it peace through strength. It is then that ordinary Americans are encouraged to pipe up in praise of the State’s invariably Orwellian peace-through-strength strategies.

Peace through strength on our front porches, while being menaced by lowbrow looters and assorted louts? For that you can be incarcerated in the land where the criminal roams free. And when practiced by pale faces, our Second Amendment rights, exercised on the perimeter of our properties, as we stand vigil against the vilest of human beings—that’s tantamount to white supremacy and privilege. Witness the fate of some courageous home owners (the McCloskeys of St. Louis, Missouri) exercising age-old rights—also American constitutional rights—when they ventured out onto their verandas with firearms, intending to stand their ground and deter mobs from overrunning hearth and home.

Good people standing their ground were libeled and charged as criminals. Since these home owners did nothing illicit in the natural law, state authorities had to cunningly conjure charges against their naturally licit stance of deterrence. Law-abiding Americans who practiced deterrence, or peace through strength, have all-too-often been prosecuted by a justice system characterized by institutional rot.

The Law of Rule

We live under the law of rule, not the rule of law. And the law of rule favors the criminal class. Be they illegal voters, criminal aliens, or just good old vandals, rapists and murderers—the criminal class is now the armed wing of the Democratic Party. Duly, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa militia continue to riot in cities across the country. Their “best” work is currently being carried out in the Pacific Northwest, where the degenerate, libertine political climate is most conducive to legalized crime.

For Americans, reality is refracted through the Fake News cartel and the Deep-Tech manipulated search engines and social media. Try using the search engines to ferret out current news about “riots”—and what these’ll yield is only news about the January 6, storming of the U.S. Capitol building. Not a thing about the Democratic Party’s proxy riots ongoing elsewhere. Entire city blocks in downtown Seattle and Portland have been commandeered with impunity by these criminals. They face no censure. From licentious city and state leaders, the rioters get not much more than mild rebuke and permissive gestures of good will (although Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, outrageously pepper-sprayed a BLM nasty when his own bodily integrity was threatened).

Riots have been a nightly happening in Oregon for eight straight months, including on the inauguration of Joe Biden, when more than 150 insurrectionists besieged “the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building in Portland’s south waterfront.” You know by now that when Black Lives Matter dreck roam the country intimidating, bullying, killing cops and ordinary countrymen, knocking out whites; defiling and destroying public monuments, sacking state capitols and courthouses; burning and looting the property of their fellow Americans—that this insurrection against MAGA America amounts to no more than an exercise of free speech and “peaceful protest.”

Parallel events have become a feature in the City of Seattle, where the same insurrectionists, who turn on their neighbors, continue to target businesses and courthouses and assault the police. Tacoma has also been engulfed by America-hating Antifa militia, targeting police for daring to protect people and their property.

Ad nauseum we have heard TV’s ugly mugs rationalize and normalize violent insurrection against MAGA America (a term used here to signify decent, non-deviant, likely non-Democratic America). “A riot is the language of the unheard,” they chanted from their walled-off, rarified zip codes. The “billions being paid out in insurance claims,” they tell us, are mostly for peaceful protests, amounting to mere “isolated instances of property destruction.” Or, so goes the farrago of misinformation spread by the lying, malpracticing media about the terrifying carnage unleashed in hundreds of cities across the U.S.A., courtesy of Black Lives Matter and their Democratic shock troops. 

During months of mayhem, in 2020, the message to law-abiding Americans, from city, town, county council members and other legislators, Republican and Democrat, came loud and clear: you’re on your own. Neither police nor politicians are coming to protect what’s left of your businesses or your banal, little bourgeois life. You’re just not that important. You have no causes, no clout, and, consequently, no constitutional rights.

More often imperiled in law-of-rule America are home and business owners and their valiant protectors. Tired of waiting on a neutered, coopted, infiltrated and compromised police and politicians to come to the rescue, law-abiding taxpayers practiced peace through strength on their properties.

Young Kyle Rittenhouse, for example, came to the rescue in Kenosha. A folk hero was born in September of 2020, and it was not George Floyd. For that, the feds jailed young Kyle. From Fishtown, Philadelphia, to Snohomish, Washington, as columnist Jack Kerwick has chronicled, civilians resisted the rabble, in stories of organized self-defense that’ll warm the cockles of your heart.

What better way is there to keep the peace than for the righteous to deter the rabble! Meant for The People, alas, peace through strength is increasingly the province of the State, and not the sovereign individual.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa(2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Parler, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook and throttled by Twitter.

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  1. David Ashton says:

    1. At least 20 people died in the George Floyd riots, reduced to a marginal sidebar in the Wikipedia articles celebrating the universal hysteria. See e.g. Tyler O’Neil, “PJ Media”, 5 July 2020, online. The martyrdom of St George Floyd, Myth #1.

    2. “The Capitol assault was a gift to the Democrats…. Unless we include all 74 million Trump voters [not all white] are numerous enough to justify a whole new domestic War on Terror, for which the Biden administration is already gearing up….I never read that the operation will be aimed at the hard-left Antifa rowdies still damaging government buildings and playing with matches…. Yet for the Joe and Kamala show, the assault will grow only more mythic…useful idiots for the next 12 years of identitarian rule by facto President Harris.” – Lionel Shriver, “The Spectator” [UK], 30 January. The “nazi insurrection”, Myth #2.

    3. “Instead of taking steps to unify the country, Biden pushed forward with hugely divisive wokery from the very first day, forcing schools to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports, for example….uncontrolled, low-wage economic migration…chilling clampdown on dissent….a truly menacing concentration of power….the media, Silicon Valley, the cultural industry, corporate America, the permanent bureaucracy, the intelligence apparatus…and, of course, the federal government in Washington.” – Steve Hilton,”The Mail on Sunday,” 31 January 2021.
    US freedom and democracy”, Myth #3.”

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