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Hemlock, on Tap

Hemlock, on Tap Ed Dutton endorses a brave and timely tome Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity, by Joanna Williams, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, PB., 217pp.   Like a dramatist building to a climax, Joanna Williams, education lecturer at the University … Continue reading

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Transgressive Technologies

Transgressive Technologies Mark Wegierski examines the key issues There are a number of highly transgressive technologies on the horizon of development, which may prove to be the most fundamental challenges ever to the notion of a more stable human nature, … Continue reading

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Dworkin’s Dangerous Idea

Dworkin’s Dangerous Idea Steve Moxon deconstructs identity politics ‘Identity politics’ (manifested most obviously as political correctness) is predicated on the realisation that the workers are never going to bring about a Marxist revolution. That Marxist theory did not work in … Continue reading

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