The Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in the Room

by Ilana Mercer

Prior to being shot in the head this week in a melee at a wild party, Sasha Johnson, of the British chapter of Black Lives Matter, had big plans for whites. Johnson had been “calling for a ‘racial offenders register’ that would see those guilty of ‘microaggressions’ banned from living in multicultural communities and prevented from working in certain industries.” “If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people – just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,” she fulminated.

Johnson’s call for a “racial offenders register” for whites is a perfectly pragmatic application of the Critical Race Theory (CRT). And while this theory was made-in-America—it has, like many a destructive American creed, been energetically exported around the world. British agitators are certainly improving upon the plans hatched for whites by their brothers-in-arms stateside. To wit, Johnson once pinned a tweet to her profile which read, “The white man will not be our equal, but our slave. History is changing. No justice, no peace #BLM.” Believe Johnson and her ilk, for they are dead serious—and deadly.

Stateside, there have been attempts to outlaw the CRT poison percolating throughout American schools. Tennessee has led the way. Other states have introduced measures to ban or curb anti-white propagandizing by the nation’s eager pedagogues. Alas, the intellectual means of production remain firmly under the control of progressives. As part of the lucrative “racial-industrial-complex” (a Jack Kerwick coinage), CRT enjoys muscular advocates. Its adversaries, however, are weak and flaccid.

Scores of noisemakers on Fox News “argue” against CRT agitprop in education. But this is nothing but humbug from the channel’s holy men and women. Nobody will utter the words “anti-white,” or articulate the “anti-white” essence of CRT. The latter is invariably euphemized as something other than a hatred of whites and a resolve to demonise them. Yet not one of the anointed critics of the critical-race bile has stated the obvious, that the true victims of the critical race miseducation are white kids, as the sole repository of the hate and aggression in this critical-race blitzkrieg.

Instead, it’s “Critical Race Theory is bad for education. Our kids score last in the developed world. Kids are being reduced to their immutable characteristics. I lost a few IQ points listening to the drivel. Critical Race Theory violates the promise of America. It divides us. Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve opposed Critical Race Theory.” Blah. Blah.

Wake up. Weatherize your kids against this anti-white hatred. Start with ending the socialism escapism, for once and for all. Quit intoning like automatons that Critical Race Theory is about socialism, or Marxism. CRT is about and against whites. Marxism offers a class-based analysis—it fingers social class as the primary source of conflict in society. CRT, conversely, focuses exclusively on race as the source of all oppression. Not on any race, mind you, but on the white race, or on “white supremacy.”

CRT sophisticates generally reject the term racism in favor of “white supremacy as a conceptual framework for understanding race-based oppression,” as Charles W. Mills readily concedes. It is conservatives who cling to the comfortable “racism” generality to describe the thrust of CRT. They’re the only dazed and confused sorts to bewail its un-American, diffuse, generic racism. The folks at Prager U, for example.

Strictly speaking, CRT is not even traditionally racist; it’s exclusively anti-white. It is pro all races other than white. Unlike their feeble conservative adversaries, critical race theorists admit as much. They use “white supremacy” to characterise white existence. Irrespective of lives well-lived, to the exponents of Critical Race Theory, whites are on the wrong side of creation.

 Socialism is most certainly not central in the BLM list of values; it hardly rates a mention in the larger scheme of  reeducating, intimidating and subjugating whites. If anything, for its failure to finger whites for all the ills of society, Marxism is viewed as incompatible with CRT by its leading acolytes, as observed by Marxist scholar Mike Cole, in “Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response.” That truth, very plainly, is the elephant in the room.

If the practitioners of anti-whiteness, who already practice capitalism as consumers and producers in a market economy, were converted to theoretical capitalism—would their anti-whiteness dissipate? Naturally not. Differently put, white lives matter less. It’s as simple as that: concerning conflict in society, Marxism fingers social class; Critical Race Theory saddles whites. Deal with it! Denial is a deadly defense mechanism!

On video: A companion to the column is my YouTube discussion with David Vance: “Whiteout For Whites: The BLM Monomania.

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