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Spengler, Lite

Spengler, Lite The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, Douglas Murray, 2017, Bloomsbury, Hardback, 335pp., £18.99; reviews by Ed Dutton and Adam J Young Murray’s dissection of Western Europe’s death wish is written as though we are looking back … Continue reading

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“Mummy” Merkel Murders Germany

“Mummy” Merkel Murders Germany Ilana Mercer unmasks the chancellor’s evil plan Angela Merkel, elected for life, or for what seems like an eternity, squints at ordinary Germans from behind the parapets of her usurped authority. The German chancellor has signaled her … Continue reading

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Mission to Kabul, a Footnote in Weltpolitik STODDARD MARTIN

  Mission to Kabul: a Footnote in Weltpolitik Stoddard Martin discerns a curious continuity in German foreign policy The Kaiser’s Mission to Kabul: A Secret Expedition to Afghanistan in World War 1, Jules Stewart, I. B. Tauris, London, 2014, HB, … Continue reading

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