King of New York


King of New York

Thomas O. Meehan deconstructs the Donald

President Trump represents a negative Stupor Mundi to much of the world. Paradoxically, this is not because the American press cannot understand him but because they have so much in common with him.

In fact, Donald J Trump is hardly an American at all. He is a New Yorker. Remember that every ancestor of every New Yorker got off a ship and then decided to remain dockside indefinitely. That is just as much true for Dominican illegals today as it once was for ancient Dutch families.

New York, with its Dominican, Jewish and Italian quarters etc, is much like a city of the Ottoman Empire. Each is a world in itself viewing the polis as a milch cow. New Yorkers don’t make things, they make deals.

As a native New Yorker, Trump strikes many observers as a jarring departure from what they expect of an American President. But this is merely his New York state of mind manifesting itself. Braggadocio is the New York norm. And disregard for consistency or for facts is another salient New York trait.

So why are the members of the American press corps so intent on belittling and destroying President Trump? Because they too are creatures of New York, the global village, driven to succeed in the worlds of networking and communication. They constitute a new diaspora of aggrieved souls alienated from the real America. Trump is a living rebuke to their status as arbiters of taste and thought. And maybe he also reminds them of their parents – doubtless hokeys from Knoke.

THOMAS O MEEHAN is a freelance writer and a former government Senior Research Analyst and Inspector. He lives in Bucks County PA and he blogs at Odysseus On the Rocks   

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  1. Oscar says:

    Excellent piece, succint and precise like few.

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