What We’re Reading – Kirby Olson

What We’re Reading

In a new seasonal feature, QR writers tell us what’s on their reading lists for the summer. This time – KIRBY OLSON

I have a few books in mind. One is Teach Yourself Finnish. I’m a bit stuck, but intend to “finish”. Also, Finland’s War of Choice: the Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II, by Henrik Lunde. I also have a book on Finnish grammar.  (My wife is a Finn.)

Also, Tales of the Rose Tree, Ravishing Rhododendrons and their Travels Around the World, by Jane Brown. L’Etat et Ses Limites, by Edouard Laboulaye (French guy who was a scholar of the American Constitution and had the idea for the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor). I’m about half way through these books. I should also read Adam Smith, and some composition text books, but probably won’t.

The Human Image: Avant-Garde and Christian, by Richard E. Sherrell.  It’s subtitled New Perspectives on the Theatre of the Absurd. I’m trying to resurrect a liaison between Christianity and the avant-garde art world, esp. via my blog, Lutheran Surrealism.

I also want to read a few contemporary poets such as Catherine Savage Brosman and Jill Essbaum (a naughty Lutheran), and other Christian poets who are also steeped in the avant-garde. Know any?  The last really important one was Marianne Moore.

KIRBY OLSON is an academic and a poet, and blogs at Lutheran Surrealism


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