Robbing Peter to pay Pedro ILANA MERCER

Robbing Peter to pay Pedro

ILANA MERCER fingers the immigration hucksters

When it comes to the vexation of immigration, the goalposts have shifted in mere weeks. Overnight the barking fest on TV has turned from how much immigration and amnesty the country can sustain, to an acceptance of a borderless America as the American way.

“No deportation without representation,” declared the minority leader in the lower chamber. Unabashed, Nancy Pelosi had previously held a meet-and-greet with the in-coming Democrats in the Rio Grande Valley. “We are all Americans,” she gushed to the Guatemalans, Hondurans and El Salvadorians streaming into South Texas. The hapless American taxpayer has no say in the matter. Drunk with power, representatives like Pelosi now believe they represent the world.

Correct they are. A government of the people, by the people? Of which people? For which? With unlimited access to the American taxpayer’s pocket, politicians can court and appease a constituency as wide as the world.

Nancy has made a unique contribution to the subversion of reason writ large. Until this loco legislator informed the nation otherwise – most sane Americans understood that the introduction of colossal government programmes, be they immigration or healthcare bureaucracies, would increase government debt. No matter what Obamacare mandated, the laws of mathematics dictate that expanding healthcare coverage to 32 million additional Americans would balloon the debt. Bolstered by the oafs at the Congressional Budget Office, Pelosi, however, “informed” the country that Obama’s $2 trillion healthcare plan was a deficit-reduction bill in disguise.

Now another Democrat, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, has galvanized Nancy’s legendary logic to assert that amnesty or immigration reform, whichever the euphemism du jour is, will reduce the deficit and debt and accelerate economic growth. Hollen deferred to the same bought-and-paid-for experts (as is their wont, the CBOafs later retracted their positive prognostication about ObamaCare). Who knew? Mired in moronity, our countrymen now believe that robbing Peter to pay Pedro increases prosperity.

Pelosi and her corrupt accomplices and sectional interests – the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the ACLU, National Day Laborers Organizing Network, on and on – have been vigorously representing their newest constituency of undocumented Democrats, soon to reach the age of majority. Duly, hearings have been held to allow these Central American children to air grievances about their treatment at the hands of Border Patrol, stateside, before, presumably, being relocated to a destination of their choosing. In a furtive show of “thoughtfulness” – for they too can cater to the world – Republicans have proposed a raid of $659 million on the Treasury. This GOP gesture came close to appeasing no other than … Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada. Colluding quislings all.

As numerous Texas sheriffs have relayed to news outlets, “ranches just north of the border are facing ripped fences, broken water pipes and a spate of stolen, wrecked and abandoned vehicles.” Yes, an open border is open season on private property, starting with the person’s prime real estate: himself.

In making their case for this sorry state-of-affairs, one fully expects Pelosi and those like her in both political camps to deploy “Appeals to Pity” instead of argument. However, hard to beat for his use of emotional language in the service of “deception and manipulation” was conservative columnist George Will. Preached Will: “We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to America. You’re going to go to school and get a job and become Americans.’ We have 3,141 counties in this country. That would be 20 [children] per county. The idea that we can’t assimilate these 8-year-old ‘criminals’ with their teddy bears is preposterous.’”

Argumentum ad misericordiam, Mr. Will. Explained the late Robert  J. Gula, author of Nonsense: A Handbook of Logical Fallacies: “Instead of giving carefully documented reasons, evidence, and facts, a person appeals to our sense of pity, compassion, brotherly love. We are shown a picture of an emaciated child,” yet little do we consider how much of our funds will be used for the “plush salaries” of the political administrators, for instance. As posited ever so rationally by the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jerry Kammer:

The 57,000 minors Will proposes to welcome are only a small part of the Central American exodus. According to an internal memo from Deputy Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello, the number of minors detained by the Border Patrol is expected to reach 90,000 this year and 142,000 next year. There is a vast river of desperate humanity rising in Latin America, straining to flow northward, already eroding the dam of restraint that has long been a mostly psychological barrier constructed by the belief that the mighty United States wants to control its border.

A preponderance of this population are “unskilled single mothers traveling with children,” “fleeing poverty,” guaranteed to import into the US nothing but illiteracy and the attendant “social problems.” Where’s Will’s humanity for the non-consenting, paying host population?

Ultimately, as Kammer has suggested, George Will’s exhortation comes with full knowledge that

…little of the impact will be felt around his neighborhood in Chevy Chase, Md., where the median home price is $926,000. They can prescribe open borders with equanimity because for them the cascading consequences will be somebody else’s problem.

When all is said and done, the only rational actors here are the brazen trespassers streaming into Texas’ counties and beyond, seeking financial support. The rest of the country is being dragged by the Idiot Elite into a sinkhole of stupidity, where reason and righteousness have been replaced with dissolute “pleas of special treatment” for special interests, with “appeals to guilt,” “appeals to pity,” and, of course, name-calling.

ILANA MERCER is a paleolibertarian writer, based in the United States. She pens WND’s longest-standing, exclusive paleolibertarian column, “Return to Reason” and is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank. She is also a Quarterly Review Contributing Editor. Ilana’s latest book is Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa. Her website is She blogs at




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