Demonising Whites

Ilana Mercer

Demonising Whites

by Ilana Mercer

Melinda Gates, a silly woman with an enormously wealthy husband, has decided to reinvent herself as a venture capitalist with a difference.

With her husband’s billions, Mrs. Gates announced her intention to venture into funding start-up companies that are likely to fail.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Gates “bashed ‘white guys,’” and vowed to favor women and people of color in her investment choices.

Using pigment and gender as criteria in allocating her abundant resources is hardly a prudent investment strategy.

But Mrs. Gates can afford to lose money. Her husband is Bill Gates, a lily-white billionaire (with lots of liver spots).

From the vertiginous heights of ignorance, Mrs. Bill Gates has scolded the venture-capital industry:

“Enough with your love for ‘the white guy in a hoodie’” (whatever that means).

Thanks to her husband’s vast riches, Melinda’s son Rory John Gates will remain insulated from discrimination visited on white men by vindictive women like Mommy Dearest, in the name of “white privilege”.

“White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it”: While the article is from 2015, Salon and other influential leftist news sites have furnished sequels to the “salutary” warning, issued by the magazine in time for Christmas.

“White men must be stopped”? But what precisely does that mean?

In the postmodern tradition, pseudo-academics have invented an artificial, political construct. Political constructs confer power on those who dream them up. For politics is the predatory process through which the figment of sick minds is weaponized.

In defense of their world salads, our ideological overlords never argue or prove their case. They simply assert it. Catchphrases such as “white privilege” create political reality, they don’t reflect it. By banging on about systemic racism and the evils of whiteness, the lunatics running the country’s academic and corporate asylums indoctrinate the dumb and terrorize deviationists.

Here in the US, this sub-intelligent assault on the identity of Europeans, Caucasians, melanin-deficient men—whatever you wish to call the majority that founded America—is being institutionalized.

In South Africa, the writer’s birthplace, this impoverished, linguistic onanism is already institutionalized. We know where that has led.

Ominously, American universities, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an example, are offering courses framing “whiteness” as a “problem,” Notice how that’s phrased. A problem is something good people get rid of, solve.

“The Problem of Whiteness,” “The Jewish Problem.” See where this might lead?

Note the linguistic similarities between the language of the white haters and the Jew killers. The program known as “The Final Solution” (Endlösung der Judenfrage) was the Nazi’s answer to what they termed “The Jewish Problem.”

Likewise, whites are said to be a problem. Whites qua whites are described as intrinsically bad.

Lightweight conservatives, the kind constantly empaneled on TV, cast the assault on whites as “goofy,” to quote a Fox News guest. That’s all. They make fun of it, to be ignored.

The fate of the minority in South Africa suggests otherwise.

There is nothing remotely “goofy” about the demonization of whites. Of any group, for that matter.

It so happens that whites are fair game. No other group would tolerate being demonized.

In the affirmative-action generated class of intellectuals, we behold a monster of our own creation.

Certainly, by teaching and preaching collective guilt and guilt by association, this Idiocracy is committing both logical and moral errors. Why so? Because you cannot blame a collective for your misfortunes (real or imagined), unless each individual within that collective has harmed you.

Alas, problems of atavistic anti-intellectualism, institutionalized stupidity, and plain wickedness, culminating in institutionalized anti-whiteness—these are never merely “goofy”.

Dehumanization is part of a process that leads to, and legitimizes, violence—and worse. “Dehumanization,” warns genocide expert Gregory Stanton, “overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder.”

To give the reader a sense of how far into Dr. Stanton’s danger zone American society has already “advanced”: “Dehumanization is fourth in Stanton’s “ Ten Stages of Genocide.”

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, FacebookGab & YouTube

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2 Responses to Demonising Whites

  1. L. L. says:

    Is Ilana Mercer part of the Bill and Melinda Gates PR campaign or just ignorant, because she’s out of the ruling class loop?
    The similar plotting of Gates, Kochs, Waltons…etc. is exposed in a book Diane Ravitch is writing. But many other writers exposed it before.
    Gates, like the Center for American Progress, which he funds, employs window dressing to appear to be on the left. Destroying America’s most important common good, public education, so that Gates and Z-berg, who are investors in the largest for-profit seller of schools-in-a-box can control more wealth isn’t liberal. It aligns with Bloomberg, pseudo “centrists” like Third Way, neoliberals, Republicans like the Kochs and with DINOS. It doesn’t get much more dehumanizing than kids isolated with digital boxes, instead of schools.

  2. L. L. says:

    If Mercer doesn’t know about Gates-funded Pahara Institute, she should take a look. One of Pahara’s recent “Fellows” is head of a Gulen school chain in the U.S. that receives taxpayer funds. Critics describe the schools, which are linked to a Turkish national cleric living in Pennsylvania, as pro-male.
    The Gates’ PR machine is vast. Ilana speaks from the resentments born from deprivation inflicted on America by the ruling class. Labor is receiving the lowest share of national income in recorded U.S. history. The Walton’s have wealth equivalent to 40% of Americans combined. There’s no light between Gates and the Waltons.

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