Black Lives Matters

Statue of Robert Milligan, credit Wikipedia

Black Lives Matters

David Horowitz, I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America, Regnery, 2021, Notes, Index, 256 pp, ISBN 9781684512188, reviewed by David Ashton

During enslavement and then segregation, Afro-Americans suffered ill-treatment and occasionally horrific murders, while in recent years individual atrocities have been committed not only by “blacks” against one another but also by “blacks” against “whites”. The US and UK differ in relevant respects, though in both countries “victims of colour” have been publicised more than others.

An especially instructive example of the killing of an allegedly helpless black man was that of George Floyd, which not only condemned a white Minneapolis policeman to 22 years in prison, but sparked the “Black Lives Matter” movement into further incendiary and far greater long-lasting damage around the world. Across America itself, during the first 103 days of the ensuing unrest alone, 633 violent “protests” in 2,400 locations were recorded.  The numbers killed during the disturbances are disputed, but there is no doubt about the subsequent escalation of crime.

This latest book from former leftist David Horowitz meticulously details the attendant riots, murders, arson and pillage, with multiple costs to civilized life, from law enforcement to media honesty. It exposes widely accepted myths about Floyd, along with several other supposedly innocent victims of “white racism”. The polyethnic partners of the convicted officer currently face a landmark “trial” in an ominously changed political “landscape”. Horowitz notes the damage done to law-abiding and successful Afro-Americans by the current racial unrest.

This topical study should interest native-born English readers, given escalating BLM impacts on monument demolition, advertising, street renaming, literature and film bowdlerization, school curriculum ‘adjustment’, employment, free speech, police priorities, theatrical casting, academic research, and much else besides.

The actual arguments, facts and figures, packed inside this hard-hitting book, matter. Are their opponents capable of refuting them? And, more importantly, what is to be done about their implications?

David Ashton is a regular contributor to QR

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7 Responses to Black Lives Matters

  1. Stuart Millson says:

    The new GB News channel’s cultural commentator, Mercy Muroki (a black woman) has been outspoken in her opposition to the BLM agenda; stating that her “geographical identity” (i.e. her British cultural affiliation) is just as relevant as her race.

    GB News has also covered the mafia-like activities of the professional statue-smashers within the US. These are not protests from the downtrodden: this is big business…

    • S. Cooke says:

      Some groups stirring up race hated against white people (“supremacy”, “institutional racism”, etc) are apparently well funded. Look up the comment on the SPLC in the USA by “johannes”, for instance, on The Salisbury Review blog.

  2. David ASHTON says:

    The cultural affiliation is more important than accident of residence. Black people in general are quite conscious of what they “look like”. People cannot help how they are born or raised, or what race or skin-colour or hair-form or jaw-line or leg length they have. The political mobilisation of black people, immigrants legal or illegal, sexual minorities and “women”, against the traditional order of family, nation and civilisation of the west, by “whites” and “non-whites”, has now morphed into an attack on white “history”, white “privilege”, white “science”, white “people” (not just the capitalist class) and white biology itself.
    There are sensible “non-whites” in the US and Britain who have opposed these pernicious developments; and their efforts are indeed welcome. The organisers of destruction are not primarily black people themselves; the problem began with Herbert Marcuse as much as Stokely Carmichael.
    There are however average racial and cultural variations which can be exploited, which require a detailed analysis impractical here and now. What would explain (1) the demonstrably numerically grossly disproportionate number of “black” faces, and of “black men” partnered with “white women”, in TV adverts and programmes; and (2) the disproportionate number of young black males involved specific acts of criminality in urban settings?
    Further comment, and assured documentation, at a later date, if required. Meanwhile, consult e.g. Dinesh D’Souza, “The End of Racism” (1995) ch.15 (not refuted by subsequent data, quite the opposite) and Charles Murray, “Facing Reality” (2021), for starters.
    Personally I have had good relations with every “black” person I have known, both socially and educationally, including (Dame) Sharon White, the most gifted and pleasant pupil I have taught in 30 years as a teacher.
    I see no contradiction in principle with my English patriotism or admiration for European civilization.

  3. HUGO FUERST says:

    The human species consists of a number of diverse population lineages, with some overlap and marginal mixture. These have arisen largely because of selective adaptation to separate econiches. The differences are considerable, but a few more significant than others; e.g. susceptibility to and inheritance of disease. It is ridiculous to suppose that the brain is any more universally similar than stature. It is more than ever fashionable to minimise or misrepresent many differences (see e.g. the books by Adam Rutherford and Robert Sussman). There has been virtually no investigation of the impacts of wide crossing/panmixia since the study by Kenneth Dyer nearly 50 years ago; it is politically taboo. To express adverse opinions could be seen as a racist hate crime with judicial penalties.
    However, one can still rescue from the memory hole of woke cancellation, and/or sneer-smear misrepresentation, the documentation (in no particular order, as they say) of racial differences by Hainer Rinderman, Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, Nicholas Wade, John Baker, Stanley Garn, Vincent Sarich, Linda Gottfredson, Carleton Coon, Bernard Lamb, Razib Khan, not to mention minor figures vilified as evil lunatics by “Rational” Wiki online.

    • Jimmy Williams says:

      Rutherford’s latest effusion – on “eugenics” with all its innuendo and inaccuracy – has been lapped up by reviewers who should know better. The fateful “guided” transition of the scholarly Eugenics Education Society through the Galton Institute to the present ANTI-eugenics “forum” is a sign of the “Orwellian” times. See e.g. Yarden Katz, “It’s time to take the ‘great’ white men of science off their pedestals,” The Guardian, 19 September 2017, still prophetically online. One national institution after another is falling like dominoes (no racist reference to a favourite Jamaican board game intended, PC Plod). There is some intellectual resistance in the US, but not much even allowed in the UK.

  4. David ASHTON says:

    An interesting example of the multi-confusion society was shown by complaints not long ago that it was “racist” to describe sicklemia as “black person’s disease” and that it was “racist” not treat sicklemia promptly because it was a “black person’s disease”.

  5. Brian S. Rockford says:

    Rod Liddle starts another excellent “contra mundum wokum” article in “The Spectator”, 4 August 2022, on the phenomenal response to the death of the previously convicted US criminal and multiple-drug addict discussed in this review.
    Whether Chauvin was properly sentenced after a fair trial has been disputed by minority voices and there have been inadequate nit-picking attempts at rebuttal, especially after Tucker Carlson raised serious doubts. See e.g. the previous article by Jack Smith, Molyneux Post, 12 April 2021, online. The issues are confused and need to be cut to the verifiable core. But the BLM scam has obscured the truth with a fake martyr. Poor old “Fentanyl” Floyd was no Emmett Till de nos jours. See Heather MacDonald @ Fox News, 5 June 2020, online.

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