The mendacious mania for mediocrity

The mendacious mania for mediocrity

Today appeared a story that was both very funny in its flouting of PC pieties and slightly sad, because it reminds us how much we live by what Solzenhitsyn famously called “The Lie”.

The Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital website carried an ad for a trainee anaesthetist. Presumably because of an oversight, the ad text finished by saying

“Usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc”.

The ad was immediately amended after the usual panicky and slightly pathetic response from some nameless form-filler –

“The wording on this advert in no way reflects the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust’s position in relation to equal opportunities, to which it is fully committed. The trust is conscious of its duty to promote equality and is a Stonewall Diversity Champion employer. The trust will be conducting an investigation into this incident to ensure that this cannot happen again.”

The graphic designer who (presumably) forgot to overtype the filler text will no doubt be given a severe bullying, and it is not impossible that he might even lose his job.

His slip and the reflexive reaction reveal the cynicism and deceit that lie behind the rhetoric of equality that everyone pretends to believe in, but no-one puts into practice.

Equality before the law for all citizens of a country is desirable and possibly achievable, but beyond that strictly limited meaning of the term, equality is a term of limited usefulness.

The most cursory examination of world history shows up a truth that was once so obvious it never needed to be stated, but which has somehow become unspeakable – equality has never existed in any culture or at any time in history, and it never will. This is because people are intrinsically and irredeemably unequal by nature and by choice. And even if through some awful anti-magic people could be all equalized downwards, what person of sense would want to live in such a dull, drab and depressing world?

This mendacious mania for mediocrity is the foolish, frightened superstition which is replacing the old philosophy everywhere.

Derek Turner, 5 September 2011







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