Child dancer – a poem by Peter Stark

Child dancer


(For KJS)

So strangely proud

She steps so light

By private cloud

Conveyed secretly across the night


So easily she moves in carefree grace

She sails invisible in plain sight,

Conceding nothing to the Spring,

Making her own moonlight

PETER STARK is a London-based poet and writer


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3 Responses to Child dancer – a poem by Peter Stark

  1. Jacqueline Chlanda says:


    I am conducting research into the Australian artist Arthur Boyd for an exhbition at the National Gallery of Australia. Boyd collaborated with a poet called Peter Stark on a book called ‘Tomorrow’s Ghosts’ in 1971 and I would like to track him down, as the curator would like to glean more on his collaboration with Boyd. There seems to be little information on this poet and I was hoping that the poem on this page might be by the same man. If this is the case, would you be able to help connect us? It would be most appreciated.

    Kind Regards, Jacqueline Chlanda

  2. Derek Turner says:

    Good morning! I don’t know if he is the same Peter Stark, but have e-mailed him to ask, and (if so) for permission to let you have his e-mail address. Will let you know. Rather than putting his address up here, perhaps you could send me an e-mail at
    Thanks, and best wishes, DT

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