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Why the quest to establish a European “national” identity will fail – guest article by Gregory Slysz

*+-Why the quest to establish a Euro-wide “national” identity will fail Guest article by GREGORY SLYSZ On 12 September 2012, in a speech to the European Parliament, the current President of the EU Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, a former Maoist … Continue reading

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Vanished Kingdoms

*+-Vanished Kingdoms This is my most recent piece, a review of Norman Davies’ excellent Vanished Kingdoms – The History of Half-Forgotten Europe. Highly recommended! http://www.alternativeright.com/main/blogs/euro-centric/the-once-weres-and-the-could-have-beens-of-europe/ Derek Turner, 6 February 2012 Free Google Ad cialis drugs no rx Like this:Like Loading…

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